About Mission Seekers

Mission Seekers is a division of Finishers Project Canada - a service organization designed to provide information and pathways for people to become engaged in missions - either on a short-term basis or as a second-half career. The materials are tuned to the boomer generation. As a generation the Lord has put it in their hearts to do something different, something more lasting, something eternally significant. They are the healthiest and best-educated generation of evangelical early retirees in history. Boomers will challenge conventional retirement thinking and use their unique giftedness for the Kingdom of God.

The next generation is now approaching mid-life, and Finishers Project Canada is increasingly serving them through its MissionNext.com website.

Mission Seekers originated out of the local church to stand in the gap between evangelicals in the pew and sending organizations.

It is not a sending agency, but provides the service of bringing people and organizations together. It is a safe place for people to explore real opportunities in missions. It is still true after 2000 years that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.


Finishers Canada came out of discussions at one of the first public forums of the TIM Centre in the fall of 1998. At that meeting it was stated that in Canada there are tens of thousands of Christian Finishers (i.e. mature Christians who are moving from careers to ministry) potentially interested in a significant second career of useful Kingdom service. We were informed of the founding of the Finishers Project in the USA and asked, “What about a Finishers Project for Canada?”

July 2000 a white paper was written that called for coast to coast dialogue on the issue. Seminars were facilitated on Finishers at Missionfests in Vancouver and Edmonton, and then a one-day city forum was held in Calgary in October 2000.

By this time others were catching the vision, and the TIM Centre, as part of the EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable held its first Finishers Roundtable in April 2001, attended by 15 mission leaders. They discussed definitions, structures, and communication of the vision and initiated plans to print a booklet called “Finishers FAQ’s”. A year later, in April 2002, a second Roundtable was held and 25 mission leaders attended including a representative of Finishers Project USA. The project was finalized at the third Finishers Roundtable held in November 2002. At that time it was decided not to formally link with Finishers Project USA, primarily due to financial challenges. However, Finishers Canada became associated with the EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable.

The first Finishers Forum was held at the Toronto Missionfest in March 2003. By the second Forum held in November 2003 the first Executive Director of Finishers Canada was appointed.

In September of 2010 Finishers Canada was able to partner with Finishers USA to use their web based matching service. We are deeply indebted to Nelson Malwitz for all his work in developing this service for Canada.